Wednesday, 14 September 2016

My Published Article as Book Chapter "Digital Archival Initiative of Library”

My Published work- 2014
Topic-“Digital Archival Initiative of Library” by Niranjan Mohapatra (Pg.-197-208)
Type of work- Book Chapter/Conference proceeding
The book titled Academic Librarianship in Digital Era edited by Priyanka Manjari Behera; Publication (2014) Reproprint (P) Ltd., Bhubaneswar, ISBN- 81-88897-14-0
“Digital Archival” is the digital form of archival. In other word “Digital Archival” means organizing, preserving, and providing access to information and material in digital way.  Digital Archival” is very synonymous meaning to “Digitization”. These archival (interesting archive material) related services are merely used in Library and Information Centre. Hence this study on “Digital Archival” is a Study of “Digital Library”. Since the invention of printing technology, the Knowledge and information were being preserved in printing form, but now days It can be stored in electronically form also. The concept of library is not only preserve, process information/knowledge through print sources (books, journals, newspapers etc.), but also electronic forms (e-books, e-journals etc.). The Internet has added a new dimension to Information Technology and knowledge sharing platforms such as Digital Library, E-learning, Knowledge management etc. Since the ICT revaluation, there has been a rapid development in libraries which facilities to access by anyone at anytime from anywhere. As the digitalization of information, the digital libraries steadily increased, the day will be very near when the complete breakthrough of digital libraries into the Gutenberg Galaxy.
(Keywords: Digital Archival, Digital Archives, Digital Library, Gutenberg Galaxy, Digitalization, E- Books, E-Journals, Internet, Library Networks, invention, Innovation, collection development)

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