Wednesday, 14 September 2016

NMAutiLib- An Library Automation Database cum software

 My Research / Innovative work -2014

Neither i am a software engineer nor a computer science engineer, but always I am searching for an innovative work as i can. When i was learning in the class room/practical lab i was thinking higher than the teacher taught me. One of my practical class in MLibSc was regarding library automation databases teacher teaches us about  KOHA, SOUL  library automation software. They have also taught us how to design a database using the resources available with you i.e. Microsoft Access Database. After the first class I was thinking and started working to design a automation database for library, finally i was completed.

In 2014 during my master's degree of Library and Information Science, I have designed An Library Automation Database cum software and named it as NMAutoLib

  • 2014-NMAutiLib- An Library Automation Database cum software 
    • Designed Database cum Library Automation Module using MS-Access

You can also  do this for diffident proposes.
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